General Questions

  • Do you take passport photos?
    • Yes, we take passport and ID photos while you wait and without an appointment. If your specifications vary from the U.S. passport format, please mention your requirements. 
  • Do you repair cameras?
    • Yes we do. We repair cameras on the premises and some repairs can be made right while you wait. We highly recommend that you allow us to evaluate your camera before you abandon the equipment. ( This is a FREE service. ) 
  • Do you develop film?
    • Yes, along with digital pictures we still develop 35mm, APS, 110, and 120 film. We can also make you a CD of your pictures from your film negatives. 
  • Do you scan slides?
    • Yes we do. We offer a number of file sizes and formats.
  • Can you print from black & white negatives?
    • Yes we can. We can print standard and chromogenic black & white film in standard and sepia renditions.
  • Do you have battery chargers?
    • Yes, we have many chargers in-stock that work with the most popular digital and video cameras. We also stock a large number of replacement batteries for most major brands of cameras.
  •  Do you do framing?
    • No, but we have many ready-made frames and mattes that make it easy for you to frame your own pictures and we are always happy to help you.
  • Do you sell darkroom chemicals?
    • Yes we do. We carry chemicals and paper. We also stock many accessories and printing lamps. 
  • Can you copy and also restore old photographs?
    • Yes we can make copies of old photos. We also offer retouching services and restoration services.